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Bird of the Soul for loving my life

Bird of the Soul

I love a picture book. I want to make my picture book that’s my one of dreams. So whenever I visit to book stores I look at a picture book.

This time I bought Bird of the Soul. Because this sentence caught my heart.

“To all the beautiful people who seek to genuinely love themselves and to live the life their souls truly want.”

I read several times it.

I went to a cafe in village. I had a cup of coffee.

I read whole the book. My heart and throat were stunned. At the time I could feel my soul and dreams that could get power and passion for my life. I asked what is my dream and where I am heading now. I kept asking about that. I looked back my life even.

One day in the evening I met a baby bird on my way home. I felt my soul was like her. She missed her mom. My soul missed her mom that is myself.

a baby bird

a baby bird

Thank you for finding this book and the baby bird.

PS. the baby bird met her mom next day.


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